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CANSWER?? We want better "ANSWERS" with safer treatments that have better results without the harmful side effects.we need to start today by educating ourselves and taking preventative measures with a more natural approach. start today, tomorrow may be too late!.

Otto Warburg discovered one of the main causes of cancer when he won two Nobel Prizes fifty years ago for his work on
proving that cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. He stated in The Prime Cause and Prevention of
Cancer that: “We find by such experiments that 35 percent inhibition of oxygen respiration already suffices to bring about
such a transformation during cell growth. Oxygen pressures that inhibit respiration 35 percent can occur at the end of
blood capillaries in living animals, so that the possibility arises that cancer may result when too low oxygen pressures
occur during cell growth in animal bodies.” Also; “tumors live in the body almost anaerobically".The term "anaerobic"
means "without air" or "without oxygen."
In adults, the number of body cells is kept relatively constant. Stressed, diseased, malfunctioning, or irreversibly damaged
cells, as well as cells that need to be removed routinely as part of normal growth and development, are all removed by
apoptosis, also called programmed cell death or cell suicide. Billions of adult cells die each day by apoptosis. These cells
are then replaced by new, healthy cells. Within every cell there are signaling pathways that favor cell survival and others
that favor apoptosis. The decision to undergo apoptosis depends on the balance of pro-apoptotic and pro-survival signaling
HOW CELLS GET ENERGY: All cells get their energy from two major processes:
• glycolysis, and
• the Krebs Cycle.
Normal cells primarily use the Krebs Cycle for energy since it is more efficient and provides more energy. However, cancer
cells do not use the Krebs Cycle well, and therefore must depend on glycolysis. Because they use this inefficient pathway
for energy, cancer cells that have forgotten to die have an incredible increase in need for energy from the sugar, glucose.
Since insulin drives sugar into cells, insulin and ILGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) feed cancer cells glucose, encouraging
them to grow and multiply.
CANCER CELLS USE GLYCOLYSIS: In the early 1920s, Otto Warburg demonstrated that cancer cells can live without
oxygen by getting their energy from glycolysis. Since glycolysis uses the single sugar, glucose, for energy, cancer cells
use tremendous amounts of glucose to grow. Since cancer cells depend on glucose for energy, anything that interferes with
the body's normal use of glucose supplies more sugar to the growing cancer cells, which will increase growth of an existing
cancer and risk for new cancers.
MITOCHONDRIA: In every cell are from a few to hundreds of small areas called mitochondria. They provide energy for cells
through the Krebs Cycle, which is far more efficient than glycolysis, the process that supplies energy inside cells but outside
the mitochondria. All cells need functioning mitochondria, where the Krebs Cycle occurs, to have apoptosis. Cancer cells
have defective mitochondria which forces them to use glycolysis for energy. Since cancer cells have defective mitochondria,
and do not use the Krebs cycle effectively, they do not have apoptosis, so they live indefinitely and kill by invading and
destroying normal cells.
My questions are:
Lowering Insulin levels may prevent cancer?
Blocking glycolysis may cure cancer?
Alkalizing the blood and increasing cellular oxygen levels kills cancerous cells?
Restoring mitochondria can restart apoptosis?
Blocking angiogensis may stop the spread of cancer by preventing tumors from creating new blood vessels. Without new
blood vessels, the tumors cannot survive?
Boosting immune system and increasing natural killer (NK) cell production can help fight cancer?
Blocking cancer cells growth factor receptors preventing them from transmitting a signal may help fight cancer?

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